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Welcome to ABBA Rehabilitation Services, Inc.
Our Mission
ABBA Rehabilitation Services Inc is committed to providing high quality patient care and outstanding customer service. Our highly trained staff believes in loyalty, compassion and dedication, to be in the best interest of the patient. It’s a facility you can trust.
Our Vision
ABBA Rehabilitation Services Inc, continues to build upon the history of its physicians and staff as a respected provider of good quality healthcare services by continuing to develop an environment that encourages meaningful improvement and recovery for people with work injuries or automobile accidents injuries.
ABBA Rehabilitation Services, Inc.
ABBA Rehabilitation Services is an acute care facility which serves the local communities in Austin, San Antonio and Houston, Texas. The facility offers diverse services in the area of federal workers compensation program and Texas state workers compensation medicine program ranging from Initial Medical evaluation by an approved workers compensation medical doctor. We also offer Physical therapy, Physical rehabilitation services, Chiropractic services, Orthopedic evaluation and intermediate and chronic pain management services. We also provide psychological counseling services for chronic pain management, drug screening tests and assist in prompt filing of OWCP forms designed to meet the department of labor standards. We are also specialized in the treatment of auto accidents injuries, which makes us a broad facility for your faster recovery to your daily activities.
ABBA Rehabilitation Medical Doctors and staff are experts in diagnosing, documenting, and treating work injuries. Our staff receives training each year to remain current in all of the new rules and laws affecting injured workers.
We treat a number of new federal and Texas state injured workers compensation injuries each year and send the patients back to work pain free from joints to back injuries. We will also help you to get your injury claim approved and most importantly, we know how to help you get better.
If you or a loved one has been hurt at work, please let ABBA Rehabilitation help you. Call us for an appointment today.
Dr. Eduardo I Garcia , M.D. , J.D.
Dr. Eduardo I Garcia is a treating medical doctor approved by both Texas State Workers Compensation and Federal Workers Compensation program to treat patient who are injured at work.
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Texas Workers Compensation Injury

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